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Q & A

Q: How can I become a Blackjack dealer Grand-rush-australia.com in the UK?

A: There are many schools all over the UK that train people on how to play the various gambling games and how to become dealers. But your best bet would be to contact your nearest casino and ask if you can be part of their learning program in which they will teach you how to play and become a dealer. What’s great is they actually pay you to learn, just so long as you then work for them for awhile after your training. You will also need to get a license to be a dealer at a casino so you’ll need to apply once you’ve passed your courses.

Q: If I win money in the UK, do I still have to pay cash?

A:  Casinos have to pay betting taxes. By the time you receive your winnings, it has already been taxed, so you don’t need to go and pay tax again from your winnings. However, if you decide to invest the money (which we hope you do) then you will obviously need to pay interest on all capital gains you made when investing the winnings.

Q: Can Dealers accept tips and should players tip the dealers?

A: Yes you can tip dealers, but you are not allowed at any time to put cash into the dealer’s hands directly. Rather wait for the round to be over and then slide the tip along the table to the dealer. It’s for this reason that some casinos have introduced a system where an area on the table is designated for tipping the dealer and players simply place the tips there. With regards to tipping, you are welcome to tip the dealer if you feel you would like to be courteous, but you are not obligated to do so.